What happens during knee replacement surgery

Then, the bones are shaped to hold the artificial joint, which is attached to the bones using special cement or another material that is compatible with the human body.

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Rarely, pieces of fat from the bone marrow may enter the bloodstream and be transported to the lungs, where they can cause severe breathing problems.

In some cases, more commonly in women with osteoporosis, the replaced joint may become loose, or the bones may break.Knee replacement surgery is most. knee arthroplasty was the OR procedure performed most frequently during.The artificial prosthesis can be made of plastic or metal, and it should restore the weight-bearing portion of the joint, relieving the pain and allowing the patient to move freely.

The new joint should be kept in place not only by the bones and cement but also by the surrounding muscles and ligaments, so if those are also damaged, a more complex intervention may be required.

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The prosthetic joint is made of three synthetic components— a metal femoral shell, a metal and plastic tibial component and a plastic patellar component— which are cemented into place in the knee.During the knee replacement intervention, the surgeon removes only those parts of the knee joint that are damaged.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the synovial membrane that surrounds the knee joint becomes inflamed and thicker than normal, so again one accuses pain, joint stiffness and limited movement.In osteoarthritis, the cartilage in the knee joint, which is the tissue cushioning the bones, wears away or becomes too soft, and this causes the bones to rub against one another and lead to stiffness and pain that can be severe.

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In the partial intervention, only one side of the joint is replaced, so the recovery period is shorter and the risk for complications is also more reduced.

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But even in healthy adults the replacement parts can become loose, and will need to be replaced.A knee replacement is normally performed under general anaesthetic,.

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The most common complications include infections of the wound or of the joint replacement, the latter needing a second intervention, then damage of the ligaments, blood vessels or nerves around the knee joint, an increased stiffness of the replaced knee, or persistent pain.

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Women report more pain than men after knee replacement surgery, study. have after knee replacement surgery. time during knee replacement also.

Knee joint replacement is a surgery to replace a knee joint.

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