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Periodically, the red blood cells rupture, causing fever, chills, and organ damage.Low iron intake and loss of blood due to menstruation are the most common causes of iron-deficiency anemia.Lifescript offers answers to your common health and medical questions. If you have any of these signs or symptoms,.Besides anemia, nerve damage ( neuropathy ) can eventually result.Some of the more common local symptoms of colon cancer include:.Causes and Symptoms of Blood Being Too Thin. which is a sign of thinning of the blood.

If you push down on your skin and it reddens immediately after you release pressure, this is a sign of petechiae.The right and left filling chambers are separated by a thin shared.However, if you see that excessive bleeding has become the norm, consider the possibility that you have thinning blood and investigate its reason.

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The idea behind a colon cleanse process is to eliminate the toxins which.Low levels of hemoglobin may be caused by anemia, blood loss,.Learn about the symptoms of high blood pressure in women and what to do about it. The symptoms include high blood.

Anemia of chronic disease does not usually require treatment.

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Blood stress is a measurement of the force affecting the artery walls as the heart works to pump blood to flow into it women and blood stress...

Thinning blood vessels can be caused by a number of conditions in addition to the normal processes of aging.

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If you are not under the care of a doctor for heart disease, and are not at present taking a blood thinner,.Blood disorders can affect any of the three main components of blood.Most patients with thin basement membrane disease are incidentally discovered to have.

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In sickle cell anemia, the red blood cells are sticky and stiff.In lymphoma, a white blood cell becomes malignant, multiplying and spreading abnormally.Blood stress (bp) is the strain exerted via circulating blood upon the partitions of blood vessels.

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However, if you suddenly have a lot of nosebleeds, you could have thrombocytopenia and should request an appointment with your doctor.

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There are many symptoms and causes of poor circulation. There are even more symptoms than these mentioned here,.

If you are looking for a list of symptoms and signs of high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension),.Symptoms low blood pressure - Blood Pressure Changes - Managing Side Effects - Chemocare.

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The excess red blood cells usually create no problems but may cause blood clots in some people.Thrombocytopenia can signal an underlying disorder, such as liver disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, leukemia or a side effect of a medication.

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Medications, blood transfusions, and even a bone marrow transplant may be required to treat aplastic anemia.