Blood clots in lungs recovery time

I just got out of a 7 day stay in the hospital and was on heparin and coumadin the entire time.A great site for travel info is It is somewhat technical but has great tips.I have my PT-INR test done every 2 weeks since I was discharged last October 2010.I switched from warfarin to Lovenox a few weeks ago cause I seemed to be having chest pain with the warfarin.

If you are having problems, have your doctor document everything for them.I feel quite tired and the back of my neck, my shoulders and head hurt.Comments always welcome and I will share more updates on my own experiences very soon.

So I drove 4 hours straight, no stops and one week later did the same on the return trip.Until reading this site, I was not aware that the pain would continue like this.I know that it can, and, you can have withdrawal when coming of of it.This was only the second time in my entire life that I had been a patient in an ER.Blood Clotting and. a clot in a vein may detach from its point of origin and travel through the heart to the lungs where it.The hospital was a nightmare, so I will save you those details.Afterwards, I was extremely tired and took a midday nap for over 2 hours (very rare) and when I woke up began to cough up small amounts of blood.Thank Goodness I made it, and at first everyone in the ER was taking my symptoms very lightly saying that I was just having a panic attack.Since then, my morning resting pulse rate has gone up from 58 to 80 and I get increasingly out of breath, just walking on the level.

I did have an ultrasound on my legs, it says negative for DVT on the lower extremities.I now know it is a warning that the coughing and contriction will be kicking up.It is going on my second year off of Coumadin and every now and then I hear that little voice warning me.Also it seems that people experience more problems when their INR hits a level that seems to be unacceptable with their bodies.

While in the hospital for 5 days, her ultrasound for her legs came back clean (her clots had dissolved by then).I called the nurse and had an appointment made for 3 days later.My INR was 2.8 two weeks ago so the Dr. said I could go 2 wks before next test.If you feel your doctor is not a good fit, look for a new one.

I was having some chest pain so my hematologist agreed to let me try something different.I just feel like her current doctor is treating this casually and she needs to find a doctor that will answer our questions and give some guidance on where to go from here.If you have any questions send me a note through the link on hubpages.

Anyhow she will see her obstitrecian and discuss the issue with him.This past Monday it was confirmed that the infarction was quite significant, and Mike no longer has any breath sounds coming from the lower lobe of the right lung.Woke up in the night with more pain but still thought I somehow pulled a muscle or perhaps cracked a rib.I have called her hematologist but was advised by the nurse that he would go over everything at her follow-up appt.I never new or was told to watch for any of these symptoms, and I never worried because they came and went.You know your body more than anyone and (as most of us with PEs found out) we know when something aint right. 2 weeks ago I stopped by thee ER to have my arm checked out.

I had several large clots, including a saddle embolism (where it sits in that connector area between the lungs - I think).If you have questions, read my hub on types of blood thinners.I would like to know how others felt about going back to work and the timeframe in which they did.

It is a long hard road and its certainly not easy but you WILL get there, i am living proof of this, please try not to worry to the extent that i did, you are now on your initial steps to getting better.Also, you should look into a respiratory rehab program that can get your breathing and endurance worked back up.I had two massive saddle PEs blocking my pulmonary arteries, many more small PEs in both lungs and a DVT in my left leg.Has anyone else had thyroid issues caused by the embolism or the cumadin.They had me on steroids and a rescue inhaler at one point for breathing issues post PE.I think the main question is what is happening and why and what may treat or prevent further clots.It will get better because we are determined to live our lives to the fullest.They did put me on oxygen almost immediately which improved my condition hugely.

At times, I feel very overwhelmed at taking care of our children.Prior to my discharge it was determined that I have Factor 5 Leiden Deficiency.This to shall pass with yet another great battle to face and overcome.And it was the nurses facial reaction when I finally realized I was in trouble.If you go to my profile you can dig through my other articles.Also being tested for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, plus I am having some issues with high platelets although the numbers have stabalized since November - the counts were in the millions and are now down to approx 700,000 which is still high but better than before.