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Sleepers are used to administer medication and perform dialysis.Passing blood from the rectum that is dark red or includes clots.Straight Jacket and Muzzle - For restraining dangerous and possibly insane patients.

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High-velocity collisions with shrapnel, ballistic munitions and sharp implements.

Robotic limbs damage cannot be treated by the standard equipment located in Medbay.

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Treat the area with a trauma kit, administer bicaridine, or both.When a patient has infected wounds, they will spread their germ level to the muscles of the bodypart that wound is on, and this is where things get bad.Cryotubes will stop a lot of infection activity, but will also stop spaceacillin from working.

Now is the time to look more closely at their scan and assess the damage.Dylovene is a powerful, widely available go-to antitoxin medicine, but remember that it only cures the symptoms, not the cause of the poisoning.

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It metabolises slowly so not a lot is needed, 10u will handle most mild infections, 15u for acute infections up to 700 germ level.

Complete Blood Count Tests. Platelets help to stop bleeding by forming blood clots. Low white blood cell count.This shows up as a RED number on the Health Analyzer and Crew Monitoring Console.Medical Doctor - Paramedic - Psychologist - Chemist - Geneticist - Virologist.This shows up as a GREEN number on the Health Analyzer and Crew Monitoring Console.

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Move patient to an advanced medical scanner to find the exact location of injury.Bandaging bleeding wounds before transport will help prevent blood loss and the damage that comes with it.When a patient is low on blood, they will need a blood transfusion.

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The patient will suffer a fever, which will show an increased body temperature on Health Analysers.Viral infection, which can spread quickly from crew member to crew member.

Patients with skull, rib, and pelvic fractures must stay on bed rest, as walking has risk of internal organ injury.If the damage to the area is above certain threshold, the bone will re-break immediately after being glued together.Sedate patient to prevent him from hurting himself and healing hallucinatory damage.Toxin damage is the most difficult damage type to diagnose, because it has so many different causes.The surgical area of Medbay is comprised of several smaller rooms.The scanner will tell you in words how much germ level the part has accumulated, use this handy list to translate the words into a germ level.Note that washing your hands with gloves on, will not do this.These are best used for non-critical patients awaiting treatment, patients needing to rest after treatment, or for holding mentally unstable patients waiting evaluation.Some internal head injuries can be serious and. bleeding or clear fluid...

A cryo tube can slow or stop a patient from dying, as well as healing some kinds of damage.At stage 2, the infection will start to spread to other bodyparts and internal organs.Used for putting critical patients into stasis, finishing newly cloned patients, or treating patients with genetics damage.

In situations where there are multiple critical patients being reported or flooding into medbay, use the Triage System.Damage can be caused by severe blunt trauma, stab wounds or fractured ribs.

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Sedating the patient for their own safety is highly suggested.If all of the above are fine, then the problem is an internal organ, the lungs in most cases.However, they can only be repaired by welders (for brute damage) or wires (for burn damage), and malfunction if damaged.Guide to Research and Development, Guide to Toxins, Guide to Xenobiology, Guide to Xenobotany, Guide to Xenoarchaeology, Guide to Robotics, Guide to Anomalies.Operating Table - Where all your surgeries should take place.

If you are mending internal bleeding with bicaridine only, ensure the patient receives sufficient Dylovene to combat overdose risks.If the cryo tube is cold and loaded with medication, putting a critical patient in cryo can help stabilize them when immediate treatment is not possible.Syringes - For use in taking blood and injecting chemicals into patients.Untreated external brute injuries, internal bleeding, and donating too much blood.Using it you can detect problems with lungs or heart as well as suffocation damage.Sink - Use this to wash your dirty, dirty germ covered hands.Note that Clonexadone is exactly the same, but heals genetic damage faster and should be used when possible.There are several stages to the severity of a muscular or organ infection.

Move patient to an advanced body scanner and locate the embedded object.Tramadol or another painkiller helps a patient remain functional despite pain from injuries.

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When a patient CAN breathe, suffocation damage will rapidly drop to zero.If a badly poisoned patient is left alone, they will deteriorate.

Some damage does not show up in any category, but will show that the person is injured.One does not start off in Medbay and has to be ordered from Research and Development.

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Creatures in the Research and Development location can cause genetic damage when attacking people.

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